Costa Rica: A Spicy Place

23 Aug

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America, a special, Spanish speaking region of seven countries in a chain at the very south of North America. Costa Rica is bordered by its bigger fellow countries, Nicaragua and Panama, and is located on the Central American isthmus. Its land area is 51,100 square km, smaller than most of its neighbors, but there is a Korean saying that says “small peppers are the spiciest,” meaning that size doesn’t matter. Costa Rica is a small, spicy little country with more in it than you can imagine. Ready, paella addicts? Let’s start with the boring facts…

Costa Rica is Spanish for “Rich Coast”, and like its name Costa Rica has many beautiful beaches and rich soils and lands. Costa Rica is also a wonderful country for zoologists, animal lovers, and birdwatchers due to its wide variety of animal species. Costa Rica has many beautiful, very successful national reserves, and Costa Rica was chosen as the greenest country in the world. Costa Rica recently announced plans to be the first carbon-neutral country by 2021. Costa Rica’s population, 4,608,426 (June 2011 closest approximate), is mostly built of of Hispanic people. Their national language is Spanish, but many are capable of speaking English as well. Costa Rica is overall a very beautiful country…

If everyone’s ready, I think we can all take some steps together and click the next page at the top to see more about the Rich Coast of Costa Rica. Please, the other tabs won’t be as boring. This page was just necessary…I mean, you need to say you learned something from my site, right researchers? If this page was a lullaby, the next few pages will be a blast…




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