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19 Sep

Thank you everyone who has read my blog!

I hope you’ve been enjoying it. Thank you to my classmates, (Beanie, I mean you…) and all other readers. I hope my information has been useful to you and was an interesting past-time.

I think I might be adding more information, so hang on!






Beanie: 🙂

Irritating Green Whale: 😛

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18 Sep

Yes everybody.

It’s what everybody (which is equivalent to 0 hits) has been waiting for.

The end of the updating! Yes, my blog is finished. All of my information is up, so enjoy! I was actually finished yesterday, but I forgot to post that I was done. Hope you enjoy all my information.

Oh and by the way, if you’ve been reading my posts and enjoying it I’d like to introduce you to a blog I made a few years back– Delicious Central American Food! You might be sick of reading information, but there’s always a recipes tab to entertain you and take you on some cooking expeditions.

That’s that, so explore!


17 Sep

Hey everyone!

I’m finally done posting everything. Now there is quite a bit of information in each page. Please take some time to skim through all of my pages, it has a lot of interesting stuff.


Please feel free to leave suggestions of anything I should fix or add, and please don’t leave derogatory comments. Also, remember that though I write like I have visited Costa Rica, remember that it was because I had to for my assignment and that I didn’t visit Costa Rica.

Thank you everyone and enjoy!

¡Aviso Importante!

15 Sep

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying the NOTHINGNESS in my blog. Yes, it’s the sad truth, I haven’t had posts up. Defending myself, I must say that it took me a while to upload things because I was not done researching. I do have a lot of information now, all that’s left is to write it up. I did finish the page Employment, Exports and Imports, and so you can take a look at that. I think all of my information will be up by tomorrow, so take your time and read through my new completed page.

And don’t forget: if you know any errors I have in my writing or any extra information you feel like I should add, feel free to leave a comment of send me an e-mail, I love suggestions.



9 Sep

¡Hola, buenos días mis amigos!

Welcome to All About Costa Rica, a blog to help you learn about Costa Rica! A notice for all readers, I worked very hard on this project to make it look nice and have good reliable information, so if you don’t like my information please don’t leave any derogatory comments, but please feel free to leave suggestions on information I should add or changes I should make. I am not professional, all suggestions and help will be welcomed and appreciated!

I hope finding the information you want will be easy, the pages and search box should help. 🙂


Note: Must Read!

3 Sep

Hey everybody!

I have a little something I have to tell you guys before you read on: both my blogs, Delicious Central American Food and Everything on Costa Rica are for school projects. My assignment was to either make a brochure or a webpage about a country in a first person tone like I have visited this country.

Because this is a webpage that is public to everyone, I didn’t want to lie and say that I have visited Costa Rica because I haven’t. All I’d like to say right now is that this website will be written like I have visited Costa Rica, but please be aware that I have not been to Costa Rica and that this site is based on pure research, not my first person visitation.

I hope this doesn’t discourage you to take a look at my information but you are free to check out different sites.

Thank you for reading!


Costa Rica: A Spicy Place

23 Aug

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America, a special, Spanish speaking region of seven countries in a chain at the very south of North America. Costa Rica is bordered by its bigger fellow countries, Nicaragua and Panama, and is located on the Central American isthmus. Its land area is 51,100 square km, smaller than most of its neighbors, but there is a Korean saying that says “small peppers are the spiciest,” meaning that size doesn’t matter. Costa Rica is a small, spicy little country with more in it than you can imagine. Ready, paella addicts? Let’s start with the boring facts…

Costa Rica is Spanish for “Rich Coast”, and like its name Costa Rica has many beautiful beaches and rich soils and lands. Costa Rica is also a wonderful country for zoologists, animal lovers, and birdwatchers due to its wide variety of animal species. Costa Rica has many beautiful, very successful national reserves, and Costa Rica was chosen as the greenest country in the world. Costa Rica recently announced plans to be the first carbon-neutral country by 2021. Costa Rica’s population, 4,608,426 (June 2011 closest approximate), is mostly built of of Hispanic people. Their national language is Spanish, but many are capable of speaking English as well. Costa Rica is overall a very beautiful country…

If everyone’s ready, I think we can all take some steps together and click the next page at the top to see more about the Rich Coast of Costa Rica. Please, the other tabs won’t be as boring. This page was just necessary…I mean, you need to say you learned something from my site, right researchers? If this page was a lullaby, the next few pages will be a blast…




(Hey I will have reliable information in the other tabs, it’ll just be more interesting. 🙂 So don’t leave yet if you’re trying to use this site for info. It will help.)