Sports/Games and Music

Sports and Games of Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s sports is easy to organize into one word.

Soccer. Costa Rica is all about soccer. Ticos are crazy about soccer. SOCCER. FÚTBOL. Even the tiniest village has a soccer team. Girls don’t play sports, they are considered to weak and busy with housework, but boys go crazy over soccer. Soccer is played during lunchbreaks.

A few other popular sports for the middle and upper class is bicycling, boxing, and wrestling. Children also play childish games like sack races and jacks, but soccer and surfing is their thing. Most Costa Rican children can surf better than western adults.  Older men also like to settle down and go for calmer sports like golf. Because rich men like golf, there are many, large, green, high quality golf courses in Costa Rica. If you’re a golfer, Costa Rica isn’t a bad vacation site. Cycling is getting bigger every year, and now there are different cycling clubs that go on cross-country cycling trips with themselves and their bikes. Fishing should be a big sport because Costa Rica houses many species of fish, but Ticos don’t seem to go crazy over fishing. However, fishing tourism seems to have become a big industry in Costa Rica. Other tourist sports are snorkeling, surfing, water skiing, and scuba diving. Shops that lend you gear for the three sports listed above are all over beaches at ciudades de la costas.

Music and Music Related Lifestyle in Costa Rica

Music is an important part of Costa Rican culture. Ticos enjoy listening to latin, American, and British contemporary rock and music from the 70s and 80s. Costa Ricans also like disco and latin dancing like the salsa, the lambada, the soca, and more.

Music is loved by everyone and you can escuchar la música everywhere because many people carry boom boxes and radios. You can also listen to music and dance in nightclubs and discos which are packed every night of the week, jazz cafés where owners hire saxophone players and other jazz artists to play, and concerts that the national symphonic orchestra plays in. People also love Costa Rican folk music. In Costa Rican folk music the marimba is a popular instrument. Costa Rican folk songs basically turn everything from stories to poems to recipes..into songs.


On the Caribbean side a style of music called Calypso is popular. Calypso is an African style that uses steel drums to make reggae beats and use songs to tell stories. Most folk music comes from the Costa Rican province Guanacaste, which is also where the national folk dance, the Punto Guanacasteo began. The Punto Guanacasteo has an upbeat rhythm and rhyming verse. This dance requires maracas, marimbas, and chrirmias.  Another province with a different style of music is Limon. Limon is a little more modern in music tastes and is known for having lots of talented independent bands. Costa Ricans love to bailar, but they also love fiestas de la música, and have many music festivals.

Nightclubs are mostly in San José and other large cities call many young people to party from 9pm-2am. Other clubs are open all night long. A lot of young people get acquainted in these clubs and develop relationships.

…I mean, just saying. If you get bored with the nature go to San José and reveal your inner dancing machine!


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